Anticipation & Apprehension for the Apple Watch


The clock is ticking… The dawn of the Apple Watch era is nearly upon us.  Apple is ready to enter its first model into the smart watch game, which has aroused speculation that is anything but certain.  How will it fare against other smart watches?  What will it introduce to make it a quintessential Apple product? And is it a concept that Apple can make soar as they have in the past with laptops, phones and tablets? – We are forced to sit in anticipation until the release of the product on April

This is a fresh young branch that has stemmed from Apple’s “tree” of technologies.  At this stage, we really don’t know how it will be implemented among other devices.   What will create the demand for this product?  Will it replace every watch I own? Will I be able to leave my iPhone at home when I wear it?  These are questions I look forward to asking on April 24th.


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