Will Ferrel’s #Ferreltakesthefield

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Will Ferrel has played some memorable sport’s characters in his acting career;  A competitive boy’s soccer coach in “Kicking and Screaming”; basketball team owner, Jackie Moon in “Semi-Pro”;  Figure skater, Chazz Michael Michaels in “Blades of Glory”; and of course NASCAR driver, Ricky Bobby in “Talladega Nights”.

Ferrel’s most recent sports act took him into the realm of professional baseball, and not just one position, but EVERY position within ten teams… 


Within one day, Ferrel traveled to 5 different cactus league ballparks and suited up to play a few positions for each team.  These were only spring training games so Ferrel’s participation will not impact the teams in the regular season.  The event #Ferreltakesthefield was documented for an HBO special and dedicated to the fight against cancer.  All in all, a pretty classy move from Mr. Ferrel.


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